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  1. What is shown as popular? most views? most reactions? most responses? Would be great to have some information, what is used as "most popular". And what about new stuff without views/responses/reactions? If new content isn't marked as popular, will it not be shown? Even if I own a small community and there might be only new content, I think, there should be an option for this, too. Thanks.
  2. I'm a little bit concerned about the member masses in my database and the new GDPR. How does the subscription service work after installation? All members by selected groups will be subscribed automatically? Or does every member has to subscribe oneself to the list, and nobody receives emails before they subscribe themselves? Can I f.e. mass-subscribe members automatically: f.e. all members in "members group" only, but not the banned ones or flagged as spammers or not in secondary groups? f.e. all "advanced members" that are also opted in for "bulk email" (<- the field, where members are consciously willing in to receive emails at all...) And can I cancel all subscribers if anything bad happens due to legal conflicts with emails? Thanks for a response.
  3. Hi, I'm interested in this plugin, but I think it should have more options to get content from. I want to also show: new downloads (especially paid ones... maybe should be configurable to show only free / only paid / both and category selections) new public gallery albums new blog entries (especially featured ones...) Could you make this happen?

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