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  1. gkhanna24562

    Classified upgrade error

    I have restored the view template and now advert loading fine, but the landing page is in a big mess. Please help urgently.
  2. gkhanna24562

    Classified upgrade error

    I just upgraded the classifieds app today and I installed the 1.1.9 version as I'm at IPB 4.3.1 and classified app updated successfully but load the landing page imperfectly, and also when I click on any advert I get below error message. Please help urgently https://carnity.com/classifieds/ [[Template classifieds/front/view/view is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]
  3. gkhanna24562

    Custom Work Request for Classifieds System

    I'm looking for exactly same stuff as sodagod and may little extra to make this beautiful classified app more awesome and useful. I am happy to share the cost - if these features come faster as a custom work. https://carnity.com/classifieds Classifieds App Suggestions: Every category should have an option to check whether members can post an advert in that category or not (in case it's used as root/placeholder category only). Like in my case I don't want people to post an advert in Audi, BMW, Cadillac but instead in their sub category like Audi - A4, BMW - X5, Cadillac - Escalade etc. Every category should have its own index page, to load all adverts (controlled number) place in its sub categories. Like when someone clicks on Audi, they should see all adverts place under all sub categories of Audi. Every category should have the option to add filters on the sidebar, to better search the required advert based on type, condition, option and extra custom fields. We can let people search faster for 2012 model Audi A4 for sale with Automatic gear. There should be an option to show/hide poster name, posting date and show advertisers other option for community admin to decide to use/show or not There should be a sidebar on advert page too, showing advert feed from same sub category along with category listing at the same level. Example Audi A4 advert should have other Audi A4 feed on the top right followed with Audi sub category showing links to other Audi categories like A4, A6, A8, TT etc.

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