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  1. I'll send you some PM, waiting for some other info.
  2. yes , a new release coming this weekend with some bugfixes
  3. invisionHQ

    [Suggestion] Activity Feed?

    Yes, I think that I can add something like this.
  4. invisionHQ

    Custom Work Request for Classifieds System

    I'm starting soon with FEEDBACK Feature, I have to look deeper to quote this job.
  5. invisionHQ

    Custom Work Request for Classifieds System

    Can be done but I've to update and fix some other apps and plugins that I've taken as developer. Give me some time to quote this works.
  6. invisionHQ

    Wrong place......group Legend

  7. invisionHQ


    test 1234565 dfjlsdjfldj ddd
  8. invisionHQ

    fixed 4.2

    Fixed in the next release
  9. invisionHQ

    fixed Lang issue in Mood 1.1.0 for 4.2

    @Chris59 Fixed in the next release, thx for reporting.
  10. invisionHQ

    fixed 4.2

    I missed that. I'm checking this weekend.
  11. invisionHQ

    Wrong place......group Legend

    send me a PM, not sure share your info here.
  12. invisionHQ

    Wrong place......group Legend

    No sorry, I need to access to your ACP / FTP to investigate further.
  13. invisionHQ

    fixed 4.2

    1.1.0 for 4.2 released @Chris @MrOneCall
  14. invisionHQ

    fixed 4.2

    Maybe tomorrow.

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