IDTask TypeSeveritySummaryStatusCategoryDue In VersionProgress
11Improvement RequestLowAdd pin map icon to location infoDoneFrontend / UIX1.1.121
Task Description

Add pin map icon to location info on category view.

10Bug ReportLowAdvert count per categoryFixedFrontend / UIX1.1.122
Task Description

Category adverts count wrong on category widget.

9Improvement RequestLowAdd location to search resultsDoneFrontend / UIX1.2
Task Description

Add location to search results

8Bug ReportLowFeatured Adverts blockFixedFrontend / UIX1.1.12
Task Description

On featured adverts block the advert type label take a wrong position.

7Feature RequestLowTheme / Widgets re-stylingAssignedFrontend / UIX1.2
Task Description

Working a fresh new template for the app and widgets.

6Feature RequestLow Other Adverts from same categoryAssignedFrontend / UIX1.2
Task Description


On Avert view, it would be great to have a block at the end :

Other adverts from same category

showing the X last adverts from same category
See here at the bottom of this link view :

5Improvement RequestLow FREE ProblemFixedFrontend / UIX1.1.12
Task Description

When a user posts a “Wanted” ad the ad shows “NO VALUE SPECIFIED” but when the ad is listed in the “Unread” content stream it says “FREE” and when viewing the users profile the ad says “Free” why don’t they all say “NO VALUE SPECIFIED”

4Feature RequestMediumAdd VAT for packagesAssignedBackend / Core1.2
Task Description

when someone is paying a featured advert it keeps paying only the price without the VAT

2Improvement RequestMedium Email response from sellerAssignedBackend / Core1.2
Task Description

Member logs in

Views advert

Clicks “Contact Advertiser”

Chooses “Email”

Types message

Clicks “Send”

Message email is sent to advertiser

From then on there is no way for the advertiser to respond to the member/person that sent the email (clicking “reply” just sends the reply to the forum admin not the member/person that sent it, clicking on the “Go to forum” just takes you to the forum index page, clicking on the linked advert just takes you to the advert)

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