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  3. I'll send you some PM, waiting for some other info.
  4. yes , a new release coming this weekend with some bugfixes
  5. problem when submitting new ads, the error below appears. RuntimeException: FILE_DOES_NOT_EXIST (0) #0 /var/www/html/v280596/system/File/File.php(1358): IPS\File\_FileSystem->contents() #1 /var/www/html/v280596/applications/classifieds/sources/Advert/Advert.php(1173): IPS\_File->thumbnail('classifieds_Scr...') #2 /var/www/html/v280596/system/Content/Item.php(330): IPS\classifieds\_Advert->processForm(Array) #3 /var/www/html/v280596/applications/classifieds/sources/Advert/Advert.php(1980): IPS\Content\_Item::createFromForm(Array, Object(IPS\classifieds\Category), true) #4 /var/www/html/v280596/system/Content/Item.php(85): IPS\classifieds\_Advert::createFromForm(Array, Object(IPS\classifieds\Category)) #5 /var/www/html/v280596/applications/classifieds/modules/front/classifieds/submit.php(122): IPS\Content\_Item::create(Object(IPS\classifieds\Category)) #6 /var/www/html/v280596/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(85): IPS\classifieds\modules\front\classifieds\_submit->submit() #7 /var/www/html/v280596/applications/classifieds/modules/front/classifieds/submit.php(28): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #8 /var/www/html/v280596/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(146): IPS\classifieds\modules\front\classifieds\_submit->execute() #9 /var/www/html/v280596/index.php(12): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #10 {main} can you provide assistance? feedback: please add some info about how to get support in the Read Me document. extremely time consuming and frustrating trying to find this (hidden) forum. thank you
  6. pompeii@godubois.com

    Expired Ads Showing In Search Results

    Yes that has happened to me with a couple paid ads in the past.. I had to delete the ad so it didn't show any longer.
  7. When a user searches with IPS, the results page pulls through ads that are also expired. This is obviously not useful to users looking for products, and also then clutters up the search results with unwanted results. Is there a way to avoid this? As it seems like a pretty big issue when search functionality in the classifieds is pushed to the forefront
  8. Hi, We are Using iAwards with Automation Rules, and we are running into this issue: Every time an automatic rule is implemented and an award is given to a member the reason shows " No reason provided. ". however if we manually giving the awards the reason shows. Any idea what might be causing this? Thanks
  9. Cheshir

    Classifieds support

    In which forum is the support for Classifieds? If here Classifieds System how to get access to forum? Added in Clubs. Thx.
  10. Hi everyone, this app is great! I want to ask if there is a translation in Italian. If it does not exist, can you tell me how to translate it without using Invision's adminCP? (in admin the sentences are all together with the global system and it is difficult to translate only the parts of Classifieds System) Thanks so much G
  11. Hello, when someone tries du buy something, "set as COmplete" shows up in the advert. When pressing this button, a dialogue shows up, where i should type in who the buyer is?!?! - i can not see who wants to buy - i can not see if it's a offer or if someone wants to buy for the full price https://www.germanscooterforum.de/classifieds/item/6-rennmotor/ Happens at all adverts Thanks
  12. m2015913

    Custom Work Request for Classifieds System

    I also need the features suggested by this guys. Sharing costs is no problem!
  13. When using Transactions, no Notifications/emails are sent to the advertiser/buyer. Notifications via PM/email are activated in the advert.
  14. Hello, I bought the classified version for my 3.4 forum. I will want to take the new version without losing the ads of the members. Can you help me please ? thank you very much Best regards Bob Forum Drone
  15. carmax4695

    Board Life Status

    Hi and sorry for the disturb but how change in the board life satus "months, years, hours, minutes, seconds" in italian? Thanks so much Max
  16. joaobranquinho843

    Error after upgrading

    Database problem. Solved Thanks
  17. joaobranquinho843

    Error after upgrading

    Dear Support team, Not sure if this is the right place, but since my request to join the club wasn't approved yet, posting here as I have Classifieds down for quite some time already on my board. I recently upgraded IPB from 4.1 to 4.2.5, and immediately after upgraded Classifieds to 1.1.6. When trying to access the application I get an error code EX1054. Would be great if I could get some hints on what I did wrong so I can fix it and get the app back on. Thanks a lot!
  18. ernestdefoe963

    Error with iAwards

    I am getting the following error with this addon and I am using the newest available from the IPS Marketplace. Error: Call to a member function can() on null (0) #0 /home/powerfoo/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(96): IPS\awards\modules\front\awards\_ajaxcreate->manage() #1 /home/powerfoo/public_html/applications/awards/modules/front/awards/ajaxcreate.php(21): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #2 /home/powerfoo/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(146): IPS\awards\modules\front\awards\_ajaxcreate->execute() #3 /home/powerfoo/public_html/index.php(12): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #4 {main} Backtrace is below #0 /home/powerfoo/public_html/init.php(523): IPS\_Log::log('Error: Call to ...', 'uncaught_except...') #1 [internal function]: IPS\IPS::exceptionHandler(Object(Error)) #2 {main}
  19. gasrforum.contact913

    Plugin Not Working

    https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7768-hide-content-on-report/ I purchased this a few days ago and it isn't working on our website. I've tried various troubleshooting steps, such as clearing the cache, disabling all other plugins besides this and using the default IPS theme, fresh install, etc. Tried it on different members of different groups, and had members of various groups try it as well. (Reporting eachother's content.) It's just not hiding anything that gets reported. Current IPB Version: v4.2.4
  20. invisionHQ

    [Suggestion] Activity Feed?

    Yes, I think that I can add something like this.
  21. Tripp_UK

    [Suggestion] Activity Feed?

    Could this app be tied into the activity feed (http://bbcode.it/discover/) in someway? Like when one updates their mood it shows '#Username# has updated their mood from '(Picture) - Text' to '(Picture) - Text'' or just straight up "#Username# has updated their mood to: (Pic) - Text" or something? Like it does on the "Latest Mood Updates" block?
  22. Durango


    Hi there Good to know Sent you a PM
  23. Gh0S7


    Hi there mr dev 🙃
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